Very disappointing but quite illuminating regarding CIS standards of operation. Thanks Alex.

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Native-born Americans have VERY variable crime rates by ethnicity. The US intentional homicide rate is thirteen times that of Italy, and five times that of the UK. This figure is shocking in itself, and is often assumed to be a product of the USA’s liberal gun laws. But another factor, which people don’t like to mention, is that just one ethnic group in the USA, making up around 1 in 8 of the population, commits more than half of all the homicides.

If the standard you’re applying to illegal immigrants is merely that their homicide rate isn’t on the same scale as that one group - the one which artificially inflates US figures - that’s not saying much. There’s no question that mass immigration to Sweden has led to an increase in crime. If pre-immigration Sweden had had something like pre-immigration US demographics, that would have masked the current rise.

It would be far more informative to break down US crime rates by ethnicity, and immigrant crime rates by country of origin. It’s far more useful for policymakers to know whether immigrants from Country X have a higher or lower homicide rate than white Americans (who still make up the majority of the US population) than to know whether all immigrants in aggregate have a lower homicide rate than the US population in aggregate.

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